baltimore and dc wedding photography packages by jacqie q

Deep Creek Lake, Baltimore and DC Wedding Photography Packages


Choosing your wedding photographer is a BIG FLIPPIN’ DEAL. Millions of photographers offer a variety of Deep Creek Lake, Baltimore and DC Wedding Photography Packages, and all those options can be so confusing! (I mean you can’t throw a rock near the beltway without hitting a “photographer”.)

Do you want a second photographer? What will you do with your images? Do you want an album? How many hours? What style? What? WHEN? HOW? WHY? …. AHHHH . . . In the midst of trying to plan your perfect wedding day your head is spinning with options and you start to get clammy thinking of all the decisions to be made FOR JUST ONE WEDDING VENDOR!

Let me break down wedding photography coverage for you with some FAQs! Here’s what you need to know to choose the best wedding photographer for you!

baltimore and dc wedding photography packages

How much coverage do I need?

You need a minimum of 6 hours for documentary-style wedding coverage… BARE MINIMUM. With 6 hours you get just a little bit of the getting ready part through the first part of your reception. Trust me, it will go by so quickly! If you want coverage from beginning to end, I recommend an 8-10 hour package. If you’re looking for full photojournalism coverage to tell the entire story of your wedding, then ask me about all day, unlimited packages. I will be there from sun up to sun down to catch ALL the amazing moments that on THIS HUGE DAY. I won’t let you forget every tear-jerking, laugh-filled, emotion-filled moment with all day coverage. You get it ALL! 🙂


Is there a second photographer? Do I need one?

Depending on the size and location of your wedding I will bring a second shooter. While I’m confident to handle your wedding day photography solo, a second shooter adds to my story-telling style. This person is always a professional photographer that I have hired to come along to capture unique angles and perspectives as well as be in places when omnipresence is required. (I haven’t quite figured out how to be in two places at once yet.) 😉 In addition, since there are TWO shooters, you will receive the BEST from two highly-qualified photographers. I process all photos for consistency and style and deliver an amazing gallery to you.


Why do I need to choose products? Can’t I just make a book on Shutterfly???

First, say no to Shutterfly, Snapfish, Walgreens, “the Walmart” – as my Grandma calls it! SEE THE DIFFERENCE HERE! I will cry if you allow your beautiful images to be destroyed by a “professional” lab that gives you speedy prints at the cost of dull, un-calibrated colors, harsh contrast, cheap materials, and low quality. True art takes time, effort, and research. I have lovingly created an unforgettable experience with you and painstakingly spent hours processing and hand-editing your images for perfection. I’ve done the research for you to find the most incredible artisans who use stunning, quality materials that stand the test of time so you can enjoy your photographs for generations to come. PLUS, I’ve found some pretty sweet ways to display your images that are only available to photographers. Find out how you can have one-of-a-kind art hanging in your home!

Just because your love is eternal DOES NOT mean your digital files are. My heart will break if you let your images rot on your hard drive. Even worse . . . you could lose them, they could become corrupt, or your new, fancy computer may not be able to read the file format. Then you’re effed. Bye-bye, wedding memories!

Your images were meant to be enjoyed EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is your story and your legacy! Flipping through the pages of an album, seeing the smiling faces and sweet emotions on your wedding day, feeling the smooth pages and soft, leather cover. . . THAT’S how your images were meant to be shared! Your heart will swell and soar when you sit down with your children and show them the day that started their family!!!! Your grandchildren will love re-living your wedding day with you. In 30 years, I can’t guarantee that a computer will read and display your images properly. I CAN guarantee that your timeless heirlooms will remain gorgeously vivid and will allow you to re-live your wedding day, touching your heart for years to come.


How long until my wedding gallery is ready?

I meticulously choose THE best photos from the wedding day and then edit each one with careful attention to detail. This process takes 4 to 6 weeks for each wedding. YES! I put in a ton of time making sure your wedding day photos are PERFECT! Once your photos are ready, we will schedule a reveal so I can watch you enjoy re-living the happiest day of your life. This is the best part of my job.


How many photos will I get?

I’ve got your back on this one! I don’t limit myself while shooting but I do choose to deliver only the best images that tell your story.  It depends on your wedding day, but you will receive approximately 500 images.


Can I have the RAW files?

No. This is my art. If you were a chef, I wouldn’t ask you for the raw meat. If you’re a book author, I wouldn’t ask you for your notes. If you’re an artisan paper maker, I wouldn’t ask you for the pulp. I want the bacon, not the pig. You want the album, not my memory card or the files on it. I won’t deliver raw work because I’m an artist and the final product is what I deliver.


What’s a wedding day with you like?

Wanna know what to expect? I made a post about that! It’s a good read.


Why should I hire you and not my cousin’s friend who said she will do it for a basket of kittens?

Simply said, THIS IS YOUR LEGACY. How do you want to remember it? With blurry photos and crappy black and white renditions with selective color? DO YOUR RESEARCH! Look at the photos. Consider the difference between a professional, a student, someone starting out, and someone who got a DSLR for Christmas. If you cannot see the difference between an iPhone photo and a photo in my portfolio, then I wish you luck and the best day of your life. If you understand that a professional provides you with a service more than holding a camera and clicking a button, then WELCOME and please explore my website.

IN ADDITION, there’s a lot to be said about what an artist can do with a crappy situation. Give me ANY venue, and I will produce a beautiful story through photographs for you. If you have a beautiful venue and a crappy photographer… well there isn’t much to be done to save shitty photos. Get the point? Thought so. 😉


How do I book you?

I require a $1000 deposit and a signed agreement . . . all of this can be done online. (Thank you, technology!) Then your date is saved especially for you!


How do I know you’re any good?
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baltimore and dc wedding photography packages by jacqie q

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