Blackwater Falls Elopement Photography | Pendleton Point | Spahr + Dakota


I’ve known for years that whenever Spahr decided to get married, I’d be there and it’d be quite the adventure. She may not be an outdoorsy girl but for those wedding waterfall shots she’ll go barefoot down a muddy mountain. Spahr and Dakota had an intimate ceremony at Blackwater Falls, WV. As the sun set at Pendleton Point they said the sweetest (and funniest) vows to one another. One of the greatest honors of my life was being here with these five to capture their day! Mad props for the gorgeous florals goes to WestVirJeni!

Spahr wanted glamorous hair and make up. What she didn’t ask for was me to glue her eye shut… My excuse: Audrey (her sidekick and daughter) applied nails to mom and left he nail glue near the eyelash glue… Me… we know me… picked up the wrong tube. Spahr rates me 2/5 stars for trying to make her blind. It was a memorable day…. she hired me again. ????

Photo below is by the lovely Audrey, always obsessed with my camera and a budding photog.

When you get that… “HOLY SHIT, I’M A BRIDE” feeling. I mean… this Essence of Australia gown is bomb!

First look and her man was allllllll oogly. She’s a total babe! You would be too!

Wedding planning advice from the couple:

Bride: “Fuck what anyone else says. Wedding is one day, marriage is for life. Do what makes you happy.”

The Groom: “Don’t. To all the guys out there: don’t bother, just go along for the ride.”

Ready to adventure and elope? I’ll come with you! West Virginia, Deep Creek, and destination wedding photography is my jam. Shoot me a message to plan your most perfect day!