Cherry Blossom Engagement Session, Washington D.C. | Maura + Aaron


Maura and Aaron are one of the sweetest couples! I knew from the start they were pretty great from our back and forth email chains.

Aaron would ask questions, I would answer. Maura would say “my turn!” and then we would chat more. It was great. I’m a weirdo in that I love surveys, I love questions… job interviews? Yup. Love those.

I like being in the moment and responding with authenticity. Being real and raw is a big deal to me, and I believe it’s reflected in my art and my relationships with my clients. These two… oh, these two are exactly that! Authentic. Real, in love, and sweet as can be. I’m so lucky they chose me to capture their wedding day. 

And then at 4 a.m. I was thinking about this blog and these two. Planning your big day is so overwhelming. There are many, many decisions to make and tons of questions to ask. It’s exhausting! So, I’m here to help guide you, answer those questions, hold your hand when you need it, and then on that momentous day, you’ll be quite confident in your choices and how all that planning played out into this magical event. You’ll have such beautiful memories to look back on, and it all starts with your engagement session.  

Maura and Aaron chose a sunrise session. Let me tell you, I am the opposite of a morning person but there is ONE thing I will wake up for… sunrise photo sessions. Morning light is just so dreamy, and not only was this a sunrise session but they had a vision of sunrise in the Cherry Blossoms of the Tidal Basin in D.C. OHHHHHH YESSSSS, GIRL! We did it. A 4 a.m. wake up call and arrival in D.C. before sunrise was. so. flipping. worth. it. If you have a dream and a vision like these two… go for it! 

We walked a few blocks from their apartment with their love child Weigel and included her in some shots… everyone needs their baby in their engagement photos. 😉 

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