Frederick Cake Smash Photography | Triplets


This home is so full of love and laughter and also a very busy place! Mary and Joe have FIVE children! And, the triplets just celebrated their first birthday. Mama wanted a Frederick Cake Smash Photography session for these three. What better way to remember these moments than to photograph these toddlers tearing into cake?!

But, before they smashed, we grabbed some photos of the whole family. Those faces!

In the photo above, Jake, Charlotte and Alex weren’t quite certain who to look at. Mama was trying her hardest. They definitely love their mom and dad! Their soft expressions express their personalities.


The WHOLE FAMILY! Yes, they were all looking. Thank you, Becca, for assisting and dancing wildly behind me. <3

This is big brother and sister. They are twins! So many babies and so much love in this house. These two are so sweet and so well behaved.

Great looking kiddos!

These three were a tad unsure at first. Stranger danger! But, they warmed up quickly and were giggle boxes in no time. Mary, you made it A YEAR! You’re a rock star, lady!

The twins and I ran outside for some fun in the snow. Aren’t they darling? Best of friends. <3

And then, we undressed for the cake smash! Jake loved his cake. Can you tell? He was digging it!

Little TOES!

Charlotte was quite dainty, just like a little princess, and really only interested in the raspberry. Good girl. 😉

Poor Alex was just done. Tired and hungry he wasn’t a fan of the sticky icing.

Please, mom! No more cake!

After the session, all involved chowed down on Italian. It was delicious! Thank you, Mary and Joe! Can’t wait to capture your family again. 🙂

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