Declan and Colin’s Lake Linganore Adventure | Frederick, MD Child Photography


These two are my sun, my moon and my stars. It may appear in the photos below that they are the most gentle, sweet and cooperative little guys. Well, let me tell you, they *can* be when they *choose* to be.

I’m often in conversations with people about how I must have so many beautiful photos of my children. The truth is that I do. The truth is that those beautiful photos come from a few random times throughout the year when I drag the kids outside for ten minutes. Yes, TEN minutes. You see, I know what works for my kids. I know what motivates them, how to get around those cheesy smiles for authentic giggles and what personality they’re going to give me. I bribed my children with Hot Hands (those warmers) and sour gummy worms. Both are a novelty in our home, and both are things that they love.

So when we’re capturing your “sweet” children who are acting all crazy for you and me – that new chick they’ve never met – don’t stress! It takes time for me to figure out what makes them giggle and what grabs their attention. YOU can help with this. Is there a special toy or treat? Do they love “Frozen”? Because I will belt out “Let It Go”. I have some tricks up my sleeve but by knowing what makes your kid tick, we can eliminate variables and just enjoy capturing those sweet moments that express who your kiddo is at this very point in their childhood.

So what did hand warmers, sour gummies and ten minutes get me? Take a look.

I’d say it was worth the sugar bribe.

The next time you think your little ones are too wild for photos, think again! WE can! Shoot me a message to set up your session!

P.S. All photos were edited with my own presets. They’re available here in the SHOP. <3


Jacqie Q is a Frederick Child, Baby, and Family Photographer serving the metro areas of Baltimore and D.C. She specializes in capturing connections and candid moments.