DC Wedding Photographer | I’ve Been Named Best in the Business


I’m so excited to share that Beyond the Wanderlust has released their 2014 “Best of the Business”, and Jacqie Q Photography is included! I’m honored to be grouped with such talented artists and looking forward to growing the business in 2015.

In 2014, I doubled the number of weddings I shot in Maryland and added Destination Wedding Photography to my business model. I love being a DC Wedding Photographer. It feeds my soul. I met, played with, and photographed dozens of families. I developed Lightroom Presets based on my editing style to help other photographers speed up their workflow and create beautiful images for their clients.

My main goal for 2015 is to place quality heirlooms in the hands of my clients. Wedding albums that can be handed down to children and grandchildren, canvases that can hang in the home generation after generation, and wooden boxes filled with prints are items that will preserve the memories of your family. I want to know that each time you walk by your canvases hanging on the wall you smile and remember those little details that are all too fleeting. I want you think about the joy you felt as the essence of your family was captured in those photographs. The first kiss of a bride and groom, the teetering steps of a new walker, the smile of a 6 year old missing his front teeth, the tiny toes of your newborn are all important details that change too quickly.

We are all guilty of hoarding digital files. Some of us have even lost memories due to a hard drive crash or other technology failure. I want to work with you to bring you incredible ways to show and share your images. There’s a lot to say for actually touching and feeling an album filled with genuine smiles, authentic snuggles, and happy moments caught on camera.

If you’ve been considering a family portrait session, NOW is the time to contact me. No more “when I lose weight”, “we will do it just for a Christmas card”, “let’s wait until next year”, “my kids are too crazy”. This is the time to capture your family as you are now – crazy, wild, loving, messy, stubborn, sassy, happy, REAL. In 5, 10, or 20 years, you will have an heirloom to share with your children, to show them who they were, and to tell them about how awesome their family was and is. I hope in 20 years to sit with my boys, drinking coffee or even bourbon, and smile, cry, and laugh over photographs of our family story. I wish the same for you. Email me.

Best of the Business Banner by Beyond the Wanderlust