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To have witnessed the way this love has blossomed is completely inspiring! Jessica is not only one of my closest friends but also one of the coolest and most dedicated teachers I’ve ever met. Jessica and Mick’s wedding at home was the perfect way for them to celebrate with friends and family. Back story: I was supposed to be on the West Coast during Jessica’s wedding, but I wouldn’t miss this for the world so I moved my trip! That’s what you do for people you love. I’m so lucky to have been part of this special wedding.

Let’s start this Cumberland Wedding Photography with the tiny details of  getting ready as Jessica helps little Kanon with his bow tie. Boys in boy ties are epically cute. Don’t forget the details for the littles in your wedding. Such sweet moments captured!

Jessica and Mick are HUGE bikers…. this kind! They have a tandem (more on that later) and really just enjoy being with one another in the outdoors. If you’re looking for them on a warm weekend chances are they are out on the bikes.

What’s a backyard wedding with no yard games? Um, nothing. That’s what it is. We all enjoyed hours of Can Jam! New game to me and I sort of struggled…. being not so coordinated, but if there’s a game to be played, I’m IN!

The way he looks at her!!!!! My heart completely melted going through this images one by one. There is so much adoration and RESPECT in this marriage. THIS look is EVERYTHING.

Nom. Food from Lebanese Taverna (ONE OF MY FAVORITE PLACES), Castiglia’s, some homemade by the bride and groom, and some by an awesome guy named Kevin.

The energy here is just so uplifting! These two are such kind and gentle souls. Mick was telling us how LUCKY he is. I agree there, bud!

AND WHO IS UP FOR SQUARE DANCING??????? Yes, choreographed and taught by that lovely gentleman in the cowboy hat above. YES, DO THIS!

cumberland wedding photographer captures backyard wedding

Love you too, Mick!!!! Ha!

The most expressive bride ever! MOMENTS. ARE. EVERYTHING. I’m sure she remembers this feeling of “wtf! you’re doing it wrong.” I love helping couples LIVE this magical day ALL OVER AGAIN.

Time for toasts, bubbly, and cake!!!! No one was hurt in the process.


cumberland wedding photographer captures backyard wedding

TANDEM BIKE! I just adore that they used their passion for bikes in their wedding photography. They have adventurous hearts and a unique activity that they enjoy together! Have something that is special to the two of you? Let’s incorporate it!

The happy in their hearts and souls just pours out into their photos. The amount of love here just oozes out and is palpable. Life is not an easy journey. There are roadblocks, speed bumps, and car crashes… keep going. THIS is worth.

cumberland wedding photography near river with bride and groomcumberland wedding photography near river with bride and groomcumberland wedding photography near river with bride and groom

Then they were off for an adventure in Europe!

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