La Fontaine Bleue Wedding | Liz+Craig


I had the honor and pleasure of shooting with Rachel from Tiltawhirl Imagery for this warm, sunny Autumn La Fontaine Bleue Wedding. Rachel and I have shot many weddings together and most recently went camping together. More on that soon. This wedding at La Fontaine Bleue in Glen Burnie was beautiful! I’m going to Tarantino this post…

How gorgeous is this venue at night?!

But that’s not where my day started. I began with this group of groomsmen. They were convinced I was sent merely to help with with suspenders, ties, and collars.

When I ask for Bro Love, guys, this is what I want!

And this!

And then it was on to La Fontaine Bleue for the first look. I LOVE the intimacy of first looks. Just you and your groom (and your photographer…creeper…) stealing moments together. The sweetest moments arise when it’s bride and groom alone together. A first look is my favorite part of the wedding day.

Then it was inside for the nuptials and wedding festivities.

You can certainly tell that Liz and her Dad have a special bond. Their father-daughter dance was very sweet.

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