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Why You Need a Wedding Album | Deep Creek Lake and DC Wedding Photography


Do you need a wedding album?

“I’ll worry about it later.” You won’t.

“We can’t afford it right now.” Yes, you can.

“Do we really need an album?”

One word: YES!

You DO need a wedding album!

Your album is a work of art.

Each album is custom-designed with intentional placement, sizing, and coloring of images. The labs I choose use only the best archival-quality materials to craft your album. Your images are beautifully displayed with vibrant colors that can span the entire page and feature a lay-flat seam so that no parts of the image are lost. These albums are built to last and are family heirlooms so your story can be shared for generations to come. Showing images on a screen does not evoke the same emotion and awe as holding, passing, and paging through a high-quality album with photos you can touch and a thick, soft leather cover you can feel as you laugh, cry, and reminisce about your wedding day.

Your album tells your love story.

Your album is designed with careful consideration on telling your love story. Your wedding day should be remembered as it was, with moments full of happiness and excitement. We decide which images mean the most to you, and I use that as a basis for creating your work of art. You’ll feel the emotions that were evident and captured by me. The process is easy.

Digital files are not everlasting.

Gone are the days of CDs and DVDs. Even more so, gone are the days of physical proofs. Some photographers still provide USBs for digital files, but even those are vanishing as storage becomes cheaper and more accessible. You receive your digital files in a virtual format and then what? Shoot them to the cloud and leave them there. Yes. That’s what you do. Store them in some digital place because then you’ll always have them, right? Wrong. File formats change. Files become lost or corrupt as they are transferred from one place to another. Your digital files are not safe forever. Solution: PRINT THEM! Your most treasured images (and this goes for family images too!) need to be displayed in a manner that reflects how much you value your memories. If you value your images, you will value your album even more. It’s my favorite way for couples to protect, share, and love their photos.

Customizing your album is simple.

Leave the creative part to me! I will design your album with highlights from your big day, including your favorites. You will proof your album online with the option to add notes – super easy! You choose the cover color, approve the design, and I send it off to the printer. In no time you’ll be holding your gorgeous album in your hands, remembering that very special day with a story that will last lifetimes.

So, why do you need a wedding album? Because you cherish your memories as much as the actual moments. Invest in your family by investing in those memories. Your children and grandchildren will thank you. Don’t keep all that love stored in some dull digital file. Bring it to life with an album and show your LOVE OUT LOUD.

Send me a message to get started on your album design. It’s easy-peasy, I promise!

Check out this custom album I created for two amazing people who chose me to capture their love story:

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