Ellicott City Family Photography | The Roberts


The Roberts and I share a special connection. Rachel and I attended the same life and business changing workshop on different dates and were connected by the fabulous Bobbi and Mike. We’ve shot multiple weddings together. She photographed my family last year, and we even went camping a few weeks back! The plan was to swap family shoots while camping, but mother nature decided to rain on us off and on, so we just kicked back and relaxed around a campfire. Here’s a photo of the Roberts cuties gathering firewood with my Colin on our camping trip.

So a few weeks after the trip Rachel was going to be near Frederick and asked me to meet up for a Ellicott City Family Photography session. Of course I wanted to hang with them again! We walked around and found both urban and natural settings for their portraits in one of the cutest downtown cities in Maryland.

Let me tell you, this family is crazy fun and always on the go. As a plus, Mark always laughs at my jokes. I appreciate that! 🙂

I asked Rachel to describe her family and besides using the above descriptors she said that they are huggers. They sure are!

Carrick is such an independent little guy. Mama also says that he’s very analytical and sensitive. You can tell that he’s a serious, little thinker. Maybe he gets it from Dad.

Here he is ALL mama’s boy!

And then there’s Linden… oh my, this girl! She steals my heart. She sings everywhere she goes. She’s such a caring girl, always trying to take care of little brother. And that hair! SERIOUSLY?!? I want to keep her.

The kids lost interest in pictures so we tried for a shot of mom and dad… Yeah… not happening! They wanted back in directly!

I love all the expressions I was getting from this family. Go big or go home, Rachel! 🙂

I’ve always got a few tricks up my sleeve for when the kiddos get restless. It’s always so funny to see how quickly their little emotions can change and I just sit back and snap, snap, snap to capture their little personalities. This series cracks me up!

Linden’s all, “Hey! I’m just siiiinnngggiinnngg a song…” and little brother then tries to grab her lollipop… thems fighting words!  Check out the stink eye.

Rachel and Mark, I love your family! Cannot wait for more photos, more adventures, and more camping! Hopefully no wolverines this time, Mark!

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