Swallow Falls and Deep Creek Lake Engagement Photography | Kara + Jenn


Swallow Falls Engagement Photography is always a blast but when you add Jenn and Kara… you get a full on party! Between the gold grillz in her Goodwill vest to splitting of the pants, there wasn’t a dull moment on this sunny afternoon. We thought we’d get rain but were pleasantly surprised with sunny skies and green forest. They even splashed around in the waterfall for me! Take note: these two followed ALL prep instructions including getting mani/pedis. Kara loved it. 😉

Total babe alert!

And this guy who is so loved by his mamas.

Have you ever seen two people more in love?? I think not.

Whether it’s an engagement session or wedding or family session, the more playful and silly you get, the better. Relax. Have fun.

My favorite!!!!!! <3 (Look at those perfect nails.)

Family photo!!!!! Yes, bring your furry loved ones. They may be crazy, but hey, so is life. (Also, bring your mom or friend to wrangle said crazy furry ones.)


I’m SOOOOOOOO looking forward to this wedding and all the shenanigans that will ensue. Don’t forget to bring the grillz.


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