Swallow Falls Engagement Photography | Erin+Zach


When talking with potential couples one big question is do we HAVE to do an engagement session. I’m not the boss of you and you don’t HAVE to do anything. HOWEVER, an engagement session is a trial run. Let’s knock out some variables before the big day. We will get to meet, I’ll learn about you, and you’ll learn about me. PLUS, I’ll learn your best angles, how you interact, and what makes you smile. My main goal is to figure out who you are and what your dynamic is… maybe you two are super gushy, maybe not. Maybe you’re quirky and silly. Maybe you’re both athletic. Maybe you’re simple and quiet and just enjoy existing with one another. The engagement session gives me a chance to really dig in there to pull you out or to step back and just let you be. This is where we set up expectations and a plan for your wedding day. So… not required but pretty beneficial.

Erin and Zach were in for an engagement session from the get go! Woodsy sessions are my jam. Adventuring through Swallow Falls is also my jam. Erin and Zach’s Swallow Falls Engagement Photography session perfectly matches their upcoming woodland wedding at Thorpewood. I can’t wait to see what romantic whimsy their wedding brings.

Ahhhhh… such beauty here. The connection between them is incredibly sweet!

swallow falls engagement photography with couple on falls
swallow falls engagement photography

This forest+their love = !!!!! Come onnnn. You want this time documented too. 🙂

That one above…. needs to be a giant canvas!

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