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Your Wedding Timeline and the Perfect Morning


With so many checklists and variables to stress about when wedding planning, you want the day of to go as smoothly as possible. By creating your wedding timeline and the perfect morning, you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable and stress-free wedding day! But how do you do this? What should you include?

With years of experience in the wedding world and offering D.C. wedding photography, I’m here to help! Use these tips to create your dream wedding day experience:

1. Follow the Light

You want to make sure that the getting ready location has ample natural light. Not only is this insanely desirable for photography but also for your hair and make-up artists! We love lots of light!

Getting ready photos set the tone for your getting day wedding story. There are so many beautiful and emotion-filled moments that happen during this time that it’s important to: 1) have coverage for this part of your day AND 2) be sure that your location is well-lit! You won’t want to miss documentation of this part of YOUR story!

So, what makes a great getting ready location? LOTS of light! Think big windows and light-colored walls for the most ideal locations. Be sure to read the section on style below!


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2. Look at Your Space

Does the space you’re getting ready in match the style of your wedding? Will it look cohesive with the rest of your photos? Hotel rooms are popular choices, but if your venue or theme is unique, boho, or city-chic, think about how to match your getting ready location to your theme. For example, if you’re planning a whimsical, woodsy wedding, getting ready in a grand hotel with red carpet and brass chandeliers would look out of place. Woodsy weddings are best paired with a more organic or nostalgic prep location, such as a cabin (with lots of windows), a cottage, or your childhood home.

Getting ready at home,? Fabulous! Be sure the rooms are tidy without piles of clutter. Using your childhood home adds sentiment to your images and helps convey the story of your wedding day.

Many venues have areas for the bridal party to get ready. Ask if your venue has a place for prepping for your big day. Another option is to rent a space on AirBNB. There are plenty of gorgeous, unique places for rent if you need more options.

dc wedding photographer captures backyard weddingdc wedding photographer captures backyard weddingdc wedding photographer captures backyard weddingdc wedding photographer captures backyard wedding

3. Give Yourself Buffer Time

I will use your wedding details to create a photography timeline for you. Most times, that begins at the end of hair and make-up prep. You’ll want to leave extra time in case hair runs over, you forget something, or you need make-up or hair touch ups later. It’s also a good idea to leave extra time in case important people are late on your wedding day. If we’re missing a groomsman, we have to delay photos. The buffer time will keep up on track for the ceremony.

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4. Assign Tasks

There will be tasks on the day of that you just should not handle. Take it from a control freak that if you want less stress on your big day then you need to delegate. But… IT’S… SO… HARD… I KNOW! Letting go of control of something that is so very important to you is difficult. However, you’re hiring professionals to take care of the major “must-haves” on that day – photos, food, music, etc. Weddings are big deals with many moving parts. Your friends and family would be over-joyed to help make your big day perfect. Trust me on that one.

Your bridesmaids will obviously be assisting you with getting prepped for your dream day, so have another important friends or family member help with other tasks, such as bringing you food, meeting the florist, and gathering important family for photos! PLEASE EAT! I do not want to be photographing hangry brides and bridesmaids. It is not fun for any of us.


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Creating an amazing wedding day takes many hands. I hope these tips help make yours a dream come true. I’m currently booking 2016 and 2017 Weddings and would love to discuss your wedding vision and capture your love story. Email me so we can start chatting!

Jacqie Q is a DC wedding photographer who also offers lifestyle family photography in Frederick, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and the surrounding metro areas including Urbana, Gaithersburg, Silver Spring, Columbia, Laurel, and Rockville. She captures authentic emotions and candid moments, telling your story the way it was meant to be seen – REAL and perfect.