photo by jen boccia of frederick family photography

You’re Too Fat for Family Photos


Seriously,  just wait until you lose 20 lbs or so. I mean, all those rolls…? I know you were skinnier when you were a teenager. Can’t you get back to that weight? You’ll want to look really, really good, like perfect for family photos. You should start a diet and workout like right now. Eat some kale. It’ll help. Your kids will see all of your chins in the pictures. They’re going to point out how wide your face looks. They will notice what size pants you’re wearing. Those buggers pick up on everything. So, yeah. You’re too fat for family photos. Just wait until you lose 20 lbs.


Do you think I’m insane? Are you ready to tell me to fuck off?? Yeah… that’s what I think when I hear that from moms, which is often. FUCK OFF.

“I need to lose the baby weight.”

“When I drop 20 lbs.”

“Nothing fits.”

“Can you photoshop out my chins… lol.”

“I don’t like my arms, smile, thighs…” (Fill in the blank on that one.)



You are NOT too anything! You’re perfect. You know who thinks so? Your kids. They don’t see the weight you see. They don’t have the body dysmorphia you have. They have pure innocence in their hearts and adoration on their minds. Know what I wish I had more photos of? My family and I. My parent’s have been separated forever. My mother was always on the newest fad diet. She said terrible things about her body. For a long time I carried that with me. BUT, I WANT FAMILY PHOTOS.


I want the memories. Your kids will want the memories. Who was mom? What were our interactions like? How did her nose crinkle when she laughed? Did she love me? How much? What kind of kid was I? Did I have a big, cheesy grin or a soft, shy smile? Did mom and dad love each other? What kind of games did we play? What did our family look like? What did our family FEEL like?


Those are the things I want to give my kids. I imagine those are the things you want to give your kids. What does this family FEEL like?

photo by jen boccia of frederick family photography

… Happy? Excited? In love? YOU BETCHA! (And, thanks to Jen Boccia Photography for these family photos!)

Do you I always feel comfortable in this skin? No. Do I have cellulite and gymnastics thighs? Yes. Know who cares? NOT A SINGLE PERSON WHO MATTERS. I choose to get in front of the camera every year for two reasons. The main reason is to have a record of motherhood and this time with my babies. The second reason is so that I know it feels like to be on the “dreaded” other side. By putting myself in YOUR shoes, I know how to best make you feel as comfortable in front of the camera as possible.

How about this mama and her baby boy? (Me again, by Jen)

photo by jen boccia of frederick family photography

Think she adores him? Hell yes, she does! You can SEE it.

Hire a professional who captures the essence of you and your family and the LOVE that you share. Professional photographers work camera angles, posing, and lighting to best flatter you but in the end you can be a size 2 and if you have NO emotion, NO feeling, and you and your hubs both have RBF whilst the littles scream and are overtired, you’ve wasted a completely amazing experience. AND NO ONE CARES THAT YOU WERE A SIZE 2. The photos will suck! Compare that scene with a voluptuous mama who birthed multiple amazing kiddos who are running and playing against the sunset in a field of wildflowers and we have a WINNER.

Laugh, play, throw those negative thoughts to the wayside and just document this time with your kids! They grow oh-so-quickly and the time to have family photographs is NOW and next year and the year after… They.CHANGE. so. much. Here are three years of family photos with one of my rockstar families. (P.S. Spahr loves cobalt blue.) 😉

deep creek lake family photographer


What are you waiting for? Time to pass you by so you can then complain you have too many wrinkles? STOP the cycle. Lose the negative talk if not for yourself then do it for the kids. 😉 Create and capture memories to share for generations.




No more excuses.

Check out my Family Portfolio and Email me or any other photographer on the planet. The time is now to gift these precious memories to your future self and your littles.



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