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My Epic Adventure Bucket List! | Baltimore and Cumberland Photographer


In 2011, I was on crumbling ground. I had spent my life caring for everyone, loving everyone and for 28 years had neglected to learn to love myself. I let the needs of those around me swallow me. I was in a very dark place. What does someone who has a fire inside her do when she feels her flame flickering smaller from oxygen deprivation? She fucking fights back. Step by step I pushed to become a person, to become Jacqie. In the last four years I’ve grown as a person, mom, photographer, teacher, friend, lover…

I was an amazing wall builder. You know what walls do? They hold things in. Dark, hurtful things stayed close to my heart, poisoning it. A large part of the fight is putting myself out there, convincing myself to live in the “now” instead of the “someday”. On January 2, 2011 I made a Life List. I updated it for a few months or so, but I’ve decided to revisit it and keep it going here.

Get up and live life. Get over yourself, your current situation, and anything you tell yourself that holds you back. Life is too short, and tomorrow may never come. I used to resist living outside of my comfort zone. Now, it’s the only place I want to be.

You can follow along on some of my adventures here. I’ve been skydiving, on top of a Volcano, battled depression and anxiety, danced in nightclubs, learned to sail, kayaked and rafted, climbed waterfalls, and watched so many beautiful sunsets and sunrises (though I’m normally mostly asleep for those). Life is short, much too short to let your insecurities stop you from living it.

The more I live life, the more I learn about myself and learn to love myself. The fuller my heart from self-love, the fuller the heart is for those I love. As my self-love grows I find that I’m kinder, softer, and more grateful. This time we have is temporary. Use every last drop and live.

I will most definitely be adding to this as I go. Check back for updates and watch Instagram for adventures. I’d also love to hear about your Life Lists and share in your adventures.

  1. Take the kids to Disney
  2. Stand on a volcano 
  3. Sky diving 
  4. Have a photograph published 
  5. Take a photography course
  6. Make sushi Sushi is much better when you know what you’re doing…
  7. Have a spa day
  8. See a Sleeping Beauty ballet
  9. Go scuba diving (PADI certified!)
  10. Attend a NFL game
  11. Learn to play an instrument
  12. Ride in a hot air balloon
  13. Snowboard in the Rockies
  14. Go rock climbing
  15. Visit the Great Barrier Reef
  16. Go on a cruise (photography cruise, maybe?)
  17. Make pottery
  18. Visit Greece
  19. Go wine tasting
  20. Visit a vineyard in California
  21. Make annual photobooks for the boys
  22. Make capes & tutus to take to a children’s hospital
  23. Trust someone without reservation (THIS ONE IS HUGE!)
  24. Say “no” without feeling guilty (on-going!)
  25. Start composting
  26. Sleep in a castle
  27. Ride a cab in NYC
  28. Pay for my kids’ college expenses
  29. Go whale-watching
  30. Live in a beach house
  31. Try Sprinkles cupcakes (6/2011)
  32. Take part in a girls’ getaway (That was a fucking mess.)
  33. Teach my kids to read
  34. Take boudoir photos
  35. Ride a horse on the beach
  36. Swim with sharks
  37. Photograph a birth (!)
  38. Visit all 50 states (27 down)
  39. Stand in green & black sand
  40. Stay in an island bungalow over the water
  41. Save a life <3
  42. Find a perfume I love
  43. Grow & eat my own food
  44. Try 50 ethnic foods (Who knew I like Vietnamese?)
  45. Stomp grapes
  46. Make my own piece of furniture
  47. Take family photos once per year
  48. Buy & use 10 new kitchen gadgets (if you don’t have a garlic press, you need one.)
  49. Grow Lily of the Valley (fail)
  50. Have a mud brawl
  51. Ride the World’s tallest roller coaster
  52. Ice skate in NYC
  53. Go on a romantic getaway
  54. Ask someone for help without feeling guilty (Done & done)
  55. Take an adult ballet class
  56. Photograph an African Safari
  57. Pay it forward to 3 people
  58. Photograph a sunrise
  59. Photograph the Aurora Borealis
  60. Spend a weekend with just my siblings
  61. Create a space in the house just for me
  62. Build a tree house
  63. Find a great homemade muffin recipe (HERE! Turn it into muffins)
  64. Expand the photography business (On-going)
  65. Ride in a sailboat (SO COOL!)
  66. Help a mom learn to breastfeed
  67. Finish the mural in my son’s room
  68. Visit Redcastle in Scotland with the boys
  69. Lose 10 different board games to my kids without letting them win
  70. Take a yoga class
  71. Write a book
  72. Have dinner on a rooftop
  73. Learn 100 new words
  74. Learn to let someone take control of a chaotic situation (Not great at this.)
  75. Donate to locks of love
  76. Figure out how to use a telescope
  77. Take a trip by myself
  78. Unplug for one week (no internet, cell phone or TV)
  79. Photograph a destination wedding
  80. Buy something I never thought I would
  81. Take courses relating to marine biology
  82. Learn to hula in Hawaii
  83. Buy a little black dress
  84. Catch & eat lobster in Maine
  85. Go on a group vacation and leave the kids with grandma
  86. Visit Harry Potter Wizarding World
  87. Swim with Manatees
  88. Go dancing in a city
  89. Singing lessons
  90. Buy a little farm
  91. Own a horse
  92. Hear “I love you” without wondering or asking “why”
  93. Visit Iceland