Bailey+Vince’s Running Hare Vineyard Wedding Photography | Maryland


If you’ve ever wanted to see a smitten couple, Bailey and Vince are it. Their Running Hare Vineyard wedding was the hottest day of the year for me, but what was burning most is their love for one another. Seriously, the way Vince looks at her just slays me.

Even better Vince’s favorite part of the day was seeing Bailey for the first time… Swoon!!!! He says, “I loved it because it was such an emotional moment to finally see her that day and she looked gorgeous. That part is tied with when I was saying my vows and I said something funny and Bailey snorted really loudly. The pictures of everyone’s reactions are hilariously perfect.” I agree, Vince! So real and so perfect.

Bailey agrees with Vince on favorite parts, “Out of a day filled with excitement there’s no way to pick a favorite moment, so I’m going to use one of the most memorable moments: Snorting in front of everyone. Vince said something funny. Funny+nervous/anxious=a very loud snort. It diffused the moment for me. I was finally relaxed and able to exhale that the moments of the day were whatever we wanted them to be, not what others expect them to be.”

I also like to ask couples about any advice they have to give, so make sure you scroll through and pick up on what couples are saying.

One thing Bailey says that I (obviously) agree with is, “If you splurge on anything, make it pictures. Splurge on an incredible photographer that jives with you and is able to ride the wedding wave of excitement, stress, frustration and joy with you. In 40 years you won’t remember the centerpieces, but you’ll be able to look at the pictures and remember every exciting moment in detail.” <— You heard it from a bride herself. 😉 Let’s do this!

So here they are… super sweet and chill couple who hosted one beautiful wedding.

Here it is!!! Their favorite part. So cute and so sweet. <3

I asked Bailey if anything surprised her and she said she was shocked that she didn’t get too emotional at the wedding. She said, “I had tunnel vision to finally seeing Vince. And the moment I saw him when I was walking down the aisle, I had the biggest sigh of relief–not because he showed up, but because it meant the moment I get to marry my best friend was finally here. My walk turned into me almost sprinting down to finally hug him.” AWWWWW!

Advice from the couple: Don’t fret about things you can’t control. Enjoy the moment with your family and friends. Bailey wants to mention that rain isn’t the only inclement weather you can have on a wedding day. A beating sun with 97% humidity is brutal too! BUT, when the day comes, the weather won’t matter because you’re standing across from your future spouse and will be leaving as a married couple.

WISE WORDS! Stay focused on the love and nothing else will matter.

Bride’s Dress: Betsy Robinsons Bridal | Groom’s Attire: Tuxedo House | Tent: Event Tent | Catering: Elegance Catering | Florals: Hobby Lobby |
DJ: Shewsical Entertainment | HMUA: Luxuria

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