Why You Need a Boudoir Session {Cumberland Boudoir Photography}


One of the most empowering experiences I can give my clients is through an intimate portrait session (aka boudoir {pronounced – boo-dwah})

I know, I know… before you let your anxiety and self-loathing take over – STOP! We say fuck off to impossible beauty standards here and embrace all humans here at JQ. We love curves, dimples, all shapes, freckles, any size… the body you were born with is worth celebrating!

Instead of getting in your own way, here’s WHY you should indulge in a boudoir session:

Get out of your comfort zone! Growth is found outside that line you draw for yourself. Get out of that boundary and FREE yourself. I can promise this will be an unforgettable experience and you’ll have a blast to boot.

A boudoir session makes a great gift – for YOU… or for that special someone in your life. It’s just that gift that keeps giving and giving. 😉 Albums, canvases, and beautiful displays of the beautiful you.

It’s FUN! You get to dress up and play model for a bit. I’ll guide you through the whole experience including what to shop for. You can also add on hair and make up for a truly exciting experience.

You’ll get to see yourself the way everyone else sees you. We let our own insecurities get in the way of self-image too often. With a boudoir session you get to see you through outside eyes.

YOU DESERVE IT! You deserve to spoil yourself and have portraits that are lasting memories of when you felt incredible. The last few years have been full of growth and transformation. Celebrate you and your journey with a boudoir experience!

Boudoir is for EVERY body! Ready to book your boudoir session? Let’s get our creative juices flowing. Reach out about your vision and to book!