Cumberland Family Photographer | Cathedral State Park


Quarantine has brought lots of family time, lots of adventuring, and lots of soul searching. I nearly cried at being able to be near people and to be in my happy place… the forest. When I was a kid and things got time, I sought solitude in the forest to work out my big emotions. It’s still a place where I find release.

Traveling into the WV forest of Cathedral State Park with this bunch was precisely what my heart needed. As BriarRose repeated, “Aunt Jacqie, Aunt Jacqie…” my mind was at rest and my heart was open. Photography is more than just a job for me, it’s an entire experience. Photography is healing. It unites. It grounds. It expresses.

There are so many big emotions involved – yours and mine. As an empath, I can feel yours, and that gift allows me to understand how to capture the real you and how to pull out genuine interactions with your kiddos. Want a photo experience all your own? Check out this page.

Back to this incredible family. They are smart, strong, and my people. This is my pack. Family is more than blood, and these beautiful souls are embedded in mine. Just look at those smiles. Look deep into their eyes and see the pure love and happiness that exudes.

If I haven’t said it enough… BRING. ME. THE. WILD. ONES. The little lovers of nature. The ones with big hearts and souls. The energetic and those just dying to play. If you think your kids are too crazy for a photo session – try me.

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