So Coronavirus “Ruined” Your Wedding


You’ve spent months and years imagining and planning for your wedding day only for your dreams to come to screeching halt because the apocalypse arrived. Thanks, Coronavirus.

It’s heart-wrenching and such a gut punch, but I’m here for you. I understand through and through when you’ve worked hard for a dream only to have it ripped out of your hands. So how do we make this better? What steps do we take? Should we bag it or reschedule?

  1. Breathe
    First, this feels shattering. You may even feel guilty for being frustrated and sad about having to change your wedding a bit. Let yourself feel that. You’re permitted to be disappointed that this craziness has impacted one of your most happy days. Breathe, feel it, and then let’s decide what to do.
  2. Contact the Big Players
    If you have a planner contact them first. If your venue acts as your planner, contact them. If you have a trusted wedding professional you’re working with, bounce ideas off of them.
  3. Should I Cancel or Reschedule?
    I’m going to say DON’T CANCEL. If you want to get married now and can (many courthouses are closed) I won’t tell you not to. BUT I will say that a celebration after all of this is in order. You’ve already paid deposits and are financially invested. If financials are an issue, contact your vendors. I offer payment plans to all of my couples. We all just have to bend and flex together. New memories are often more beautiful and more appreciated.
  4. How to Reschedule
    You were ready to go, and the world fell apart. As a wedding vendor I can tell you we are all doing our best to help you shift your dream to a different day. We want you to have the perfect wedding, so we want to just pick up the date and find a better place on our calendars. Your family and friends all want to be able to there. And WE wedding professionals want to be there as well. We love what we do and we are invested in you. Step one here is to email your professionals to find available dates. The venue is likely your first step and then everyone else on your list. Don’t be surprised or upset if you have to choose a Friday or Sunday. I even have weddings on Mondays and Thursdays this year. No one cares what day of the week it is when you tie the knot. Your guests are going to be SO HAPPY to be together and celebrating. I promise you… Saturday is just a day. Who remembers what day of the week it is right now anyway? 😉
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  5. Embrace the New Plans
    Don’t play the “what ifs” and don’t look back. This is the plan, and it’ll be the best plan for you. The universe works in mysterious ways, but she does know what she’s doing. We will all appreciate this new celebration of your love even more.
  6. Celebrate Your First {Wedding} Date
    Make some special plans: an indoor candlelit picnic, a selfie photo session, a new homemade recipe, an outdoor campfire, a night under the stars in your backyard… Do something to commemorate the day so you have a beautiful memory of your other special day.

Need to chat more? I’m here. Feel free to reach out!