What To Wear For Your Engagement Photos | Western Maryland Couples Photography


You’ve scoured through websites and instagram accounts. You’ve checked pricing, portfolios, and chatted with wedding photographers on the phone. It feels good to land on someone who matches the vision you have, and now that you’ve scheduled the engagement session {or couples sesh}… What the fuck do you wear??!

Take a breath.

I’m here to help. Just follow these tips: 

  1. Dress like yourself

No. Really. Dress like you. You want to feel like the best version of yourself. Now is not the time to try some new style or dress up more than you ever have. Save that for some creative photo session later. Right now is about celebrating the life and love you’ve built.

Same goes for hair and make-up… make sure it’s cut or colored a week or two prior to your session. If you’re worried about your roots, take care of them. If there’s a way you love it styled but you can’t DIY, book an appt for that day. Same goes for make-up. We don’t need anything heavy here, but you definitely want to be intentional for the session. If you don’t wear make up then don’t on this day either. Simple.

  1. Choose a color palette that complements your location. 

If you’re shooting outdoors neutral, earthy, and organic colors will help enhance what’s already there and not take away from the scenery or feeling. Don’t match, but blend with your surroundings. 

A punch of color can also be fun, so don’t rule that out.

  1. Do NOT match

If you come to me wearing the same outfits or same exact colors, I’ll cry and probably make you pose naked. Please don’t match. It ain’t cute. Instead choose colors that complement one another. Not good with color? Check Pinterest for inspiration, and also send ideas to me so I can support your vision or steer you the right way. 

  1. Your Shoes Matter

Your outfit is rad and you bring along some Dad-style white New Balances… I’m gonna make you go barefoot. Barefoot is my style anyway. I’ve been known to show up barefoot to sessions before.

5. Layers are your friend

Necklaces, earrings, vests, jackets, a flannel tied around your waist… these are all dynamic pieces that add interest. Don’t go too heavy especially if it’s not YOU but definitely consider adding a piece or two to your outfits. 

6. Props are fun… some of them

Bring a guitar. Pack a picnic. If you’re really into your car, if you have a favorite heirloom blanket… bring it. Wanna shoot champagne? Like to bike ride? Into kayaking? Let’s do it. You don’t HAVE to bring anything but if there’s something you want to incorporate it’s a hell yeah from me.

Those etsy signs or Pinterest poses/photos…. Leave those at home. We don’t ‘em. They aren’t authentically you anyway. 

7. Bring options if you aren’t sure. 

Always better to have extra things in your trunk that we can choose from right then and there than to show up unsure. Some people even want a quick outfit change during the session. That’s perfectly fine and great to have options in your car. If we’re doing an in-home session I can even closet shop at the beginning of your session and dress you. Trust me to make you look good. 

The point here is to make you FEEL your best. How you feel shines through in your photos, so sleep, eat, and relax. It’s my job to pose, prompt, and capture you – real, raw, and beautiful. 

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