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Why I’m Not Into Budget Wedding Photography


I’m sure you’ve read a million articles on how you can save money and still have the wedding of your dreams. After all, wedding planning is stressful and expensive, and who doesn’t want to save a little cash for life after the wedding? Websites, such as the theknot, even give suggestions for cutting out a professional photographer to save money. These articles suggest hiring someone starting out, asking your friend, placing cameras on the tables… and I.Just.Cringe. Do you really want iPhone photos of your wedding and that’s it? After the cake is eaten, everyone has gone home, and your dress is shoved into a closet with its stained hem, all you have left are photographs. Even your memories fade with time, and you won’t quite remember how mom smiled at the first dance or how everyone cheered as you walked up the aisle as newlyweds.

Yes, weddings are expensive. Yes, a talented wedding photographer will charge you appropriately for his or her time and talent. Professional photographers invest time, sweat, and tears into their craft so that they can provide you with not only gorgeous photos but also high quality services and products.

Here’s why I’m not into budget wedding photography, and why you shouldn’t be either:

  1. I won’t cut corners.
    Weddings are fast-paced events with moments happening all around. You may be trying to cut corners in your wedding budget, but I will NOT cut corners at your wedding. Capturing your entire story and presenting this to you as your legacy requires time, proper equipment, and tons and tons of care. I pour myself into your wedding day, and I won’t pull back to save you a few bucks. If you want “just the ceremony” or your friend “has a camera and will take reception photos”, then you won’t have the ENTIRE story as it happened. That would be like J.K. Rowling starting the Harry Potter series and then passing off the writing of The Deathly Hallows to my 7 year old. Just NO.Do you want that epic dance-off between your best man and your dad photographed? Do you want crisp photos of your guests laughing and enjoying themselves? Do you want that sweet apprehension captured as you prep for your gorgeous wedding? Do you want to see all of the details you worked so hard to perfect? Are you up for a mini adventure for some epic shots of you and your new spouse? Yes? Hire a professional.
  2. You get what you pay for.
    I buy $3 leggings from Marshalls. I don’t expect them to last. If I put $10 in gas in my car, I might get to D.C. … maybe. You want a $500 photographer? You can find one here. Maybe they’ll show up. Maybe they’ll have professional equipment. This is common sense. You get what you pay for.
  3. This isn’t just about you.
    While these are pictures of your big day, the photos are for your entire family and your friends who helped bring this day together with you. The photos are for grandma’s mantle, and great uncle Bob who was sick the day of. Most importantly, these photos are for future generations. Your own children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews will see the images from your wedding and know what it was like to be there. Your darling little kiddos will FEEL the love between their parents as they flip the pages of your heirloom album. This is the one part of your wedding that will last forever in print. It’s part of history, and it’s the record that you lived and you loved.
  4. You get the artist’s perspective.
    How do you want to remember your wedding day? A talented photographer uses his or her creativity to show your wedding at the best angle and with the best light. Don’t know when to plan your ceremony time? Find out what wedding times I hate. You’d be amazed what gorgeous portraits can be created out of less than ideal conditions by a photographer who knows that they’re doing. Again, it’s experience and ingenuity that can tell the actual love story.
  5. I attend weddings for a living.
    As such, I know what to anticipate. I am prepared for your day, armed with safety pins, scissors, and deodorant. I know how a typical timeline goes and am not afraid to take control to help remove some stress from you. I can pin boutonnieres and bustle wedding gowns like a fucking boss. I collaborate with your other vendors to provide an unforgettable day because I care about your wedding day and your experience.

My wish for you is to have the best wedding experience possible. And from that, I want you to have your story documented so you remember not only the highlights and what you looked like that day, but what was happening around you. This is your story. How do you want to be remembered?

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Jacqie Q is a DC Wedding Photographer serving the Baltimore and DC Metro area. She captures authentic emotions and connections and is teller of love stories. Contact her to discuss your wedding vision!