We’re Engaged! What’s Next for Wedding Planning?


Stop. Take a breath. Just enjoy the glow of your engagement. Once you jump into wedding planning, the stress monster can roll in.

Once you’re ready to start nailing down how you want to tie the knot, set some boundaries. This is YOUR day, YOUR love, YOUR marriage. Many people will have opinions on how your wedding should go… who you should invite… etc. Breathe again. Take these steps:

1. Close your eyes and picture your wedding
Take breaths. Let go of anything bothering you or nagging at you, and picture getting married.

What’s it feel like? What’s the weather like – season, warmth? What do you see? Who’s there?

You can probably answer many questions about colors, vibe, food, florals just by sitting and meditating about this vision. If there are things you don’t visualize, sit with that as well. Maybe those pieces aren’t quite as important to you. Then, you can prioritize what are non-negotiables and let go of things that have little impact on your dream.

2. Determine the size of your wedding.
Elopement? Microwedding? Traditional wedding? What’s the diff???

Elopements used to be surprise weddings, just the two of you – a secret love. Currently, couples elope with a few of their nearest and dearest or just themselves. You can travel for this or find a location nearby. Check out my post about my fave places to elope in this region.

Microweddings are a modern way of saying “intimate wedding” where you have a tiny wedding. Usually this includes less than 40 guests and collaboration with a handful of wedding vendors for a mini reception. Some of my faves are Swallow Falls or your own backyard.

Traditional weddings are the whole shebang – from getting ready with your wedding party through cutting a rug at the reception you’ve got a venue and team of vendors to help curate your perfect day for you and your guests. These big celebrations are always a blast. You might get overwhelmed with the planning, but just remember to lean on your vendors. We’re here for you.

3. You don’t have to DIY or you can.
DIY projects can add a huge personal touch to your wedding, but they take up more time than you think. Don’t overdo it because you’ll stress yourself with timelines. I’d choose a couple smaller things like signs or one big project – cake/dessert or florals. Leave the rest to the pros.

4. Choose a point person or day of coordinator
This person handles meeting/greeting vendors if needed, setting up decor, and managing the million questions that may come up during the day. This can be someone you hire or a close friend/family member that is not part of the wedding party. Trust me. You’re going to want to let go of the reins a bit so you can relax and enjoy your day. It’ll fly by!

5. Carve out time for just the two of you
Your family and friends are so excited to see you. Hair and make up have been in your face, making you look your best, and you’ve been chatting with your wedding party all day. After months of planning (or years!) you’ll definitely want at least a few intimate moments with your new spouse (or almost spouse). First looks and evening portrait times (I pull couples at sunset for a few glowy photos, and that gives them time together) are two good ways to have an intimate chunk of time. You can also escape mid-reception prior to the toasts and dancing, just tell the DJ. However, you make this happen I highly encourage celebrating with just your human that day if only for a minute.

Weddings look a little different lately and traditions are flying out the window. This day is about the two of you and those you surround yourself with. A wise woman once told me, “This is the only time all of these people will be in the same location at the same time. Weddings are a once in a lifetime bonding experience.” {That was Leigh of Chanteclaire Farm by the way.} I think her sentiments are perfectly on point!

Happy Planning! ✨